Assistance with Vessel Hold Preparation

The cleanliness of a vessel’s holds or tanks is of the upmost importance when loading sensitive cargoes that require to be cleaned to high standards in order to pass. Over the years, Navitrans Shipping Agencies West Inc. has bonded and created outstanding relationships with inspectors from all sectors.  During a hold inspection, whether it’s for Sulphur, Potash or grain, we will follow the inspectors into the holds and assist them as well as coordinate the crew to expedite the work that needs to be done quickly and safely. A great majority of the vessels we handle pass inspections on arrival thanks to our perseverance, preparation and cooperation from the vessel side.

Navitrans West will stop at nothing when it comes to protecting our clients interest, even if it means grabbing our scrappers and assisting the crew ourselves.

In some major circumstances for example: Cement residues, oily stains or grain stuck in the higher portions of the holds, we must sometimes think outside of the box and come up with ideas or solutions to clean the holds in an attempt to avoid loss of time and expenses for owners/time charterers.

Especially the way the market currently stands,  Navitrans is always vigilant and exploring every option to help our clients.  We want everyone to experience the ports we handle in a positive way and always have a positive outlook when calling to Canada.