Grain Loading Inspections

In order for a vessel to be accepted for loading grain products, she must pass the stability calculations by Transport Canada (Port Warden) and cargo holds by the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency). There can be other parties involved depending on the sales contract or charter party.

When preparing the stability calculation the vessel should use the Canadian form no. 82-0579 (0211-04). The master should use 100 percent hold cubics for full holds and use Volumetric upsetting moments for untrimmed ends. In addition, transport Canada port warden will require that the vessel presents a stow plan and loading Sequence that complies with allowable bending moments, shearing force, and allowable hold mass (local stresses).

The CFIA hold inspectors are extremely strict and vessels should take extra care when preparing cargo holds for inspection. If in a hold one pail can be filled with previous cargo or loose rust, that hold will fail inspections. The CFIA inspectors will check all areas of the cargo holds including the hard to reach areas such as the upper frames and deck beams. It is important that all crew be present during the inspections in order to assist the inspectors to remove any residues or rust that was missed during the voyage. The CFIA is also very concerned with the presence of live insects. If any found, the ship will fail inspections and will require costly fumigation in order to pass.

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