Oil Spill Response Contracts

All vessels calling to a Canadian port will require to implement an Oil Spill Response Contract. This is a mandatory requirement imposed by the Canadian Coast Guard. Each region of Canada has a different contract that must be implemented.

There are four types of oil response arrangements in place. Alert, Eastern Canada Response Corporation, PTMSL, Western Canada Marine Response Corporation. By signing up for the multi-gar ECRC oil arrangement contract owners can combine Alert, ECRC and PTMSL into one contract for a period of one year and their vessel’s will be covered as follows: Maritime ports, Saint John NB, Point Tupper NS, Gulf of St. Lawrence, St. Lawrence River, Churchill and Canadian ports in the Great Lakes.

Navitrans can assist owners and operators to implement the above contracts. The process is fairly simple and should not take longer than one business day.

Should you require any assistance with the above please feel free to contact us at anytime.